We’ve all heard it before “Don’t let the bed bugs bite”. If bed bugs are something you dread nightly and are dealing with we can help.

Bed Bugs have made a significant comeback in recent years and don’t appear to be going anywhere very soon. Bed bugs are a major problem worldwide and are becoming a major issue here in the United States now. We are now getting calls about bed bugs every day. Bed Bugs do not discriminate – poor/rich, suburbs/city, dirty/clean- they just don’t care. If you are a warm human body, that is all that matters to them. All they need is their next blood meal. Bed Bugs can be difficult to treat, and they spread easily, resulting in rapid growth and total number of outbreaks. Walker Pest Management has taken great effort and invested much time and money into developing a plan that provides bed bug protection coverage throughout the year. We have multiple units purchased from Temp Air, a thermal remediation expert in the bed bug industry. For a minimal cost, you can now protect your home year round from the threat of a bed bug infestation.

Year Round Coverage Against Bed Bugs

Everyone knows bed bug control is expensive. Whether you are treating with chemicals or using the much preferred Heat Remediation method, an average sized home can easily reach above $1000. The professionals at Walker Pest Management have created a program to save you from spending large sums of money for a bed bug treatment in your home. Our bed bug protection program consists of:

  • Thorough monitoring for bed bug activity
  • Education for our clients about bed bugs, treatment methods and preparation for treatment
  • Detailed documentation of routine inspections

Since most home owners insurance policies don’t cover bed bug treatments, you will have a peace of mind knowing you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars if your home is infested by bed bugs. We know how difficult it can be to pay for such expensive bed bug treatments, and will provide proactive plans that prevent large out-of pocket expenses in the future.

Heat Remediation For Bed Bugs

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having bed bugs in your home or business, heat treatments are the most effective bed bug killer and our preferred way of treating bed bugs and bed bug infestations. Unlike some chemicals, heat is non-toxic and can kill bed bugs at every stage of their development, including their eggs. Heat treatments will penetrate areas that chemicals simply can’t. We have the right equipment and experience to effectively deal with any problem you are having.


Who Is Eligible For This Service?

Anyone is eligible for the protection plan we offer. The first step is a thorough inspection of your home at no charge to you, depending on location. Whether you are brand new to the Walker family or a long standing client, we want to walk through the steps it takes to prevent bed bugs in your home and keep you and your family protected. So don’t wait, call our office today.

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