Why local Columbia area realtors and builders love to partner with Walker Pest Management.

For years now, Walker Pest Management has worked closely with South Carolina realtors and builders, helping insure smooth real estate transactions. We are now proud to be servicing the Columbia area, where we will continue this close relationship that was developed in the upstate area. Buying or selling a home is a huge decision and in South Carolina it is very important to make sure your home is free of Wood-Destroying Organisms. Almost all lenders require a CL-100, sometimes referred to as a “termite letter” or “WDO”. In a state with high humidity and more than 20 termite colonies per acre of land, you wan to make sure you have the best inspectors available.

From the moment you order a CL-100 “WDO Inspection“, our inspectors and staff will assist with getting the home to closing. Our highly trained expert inspectors and office staff help make this daunting process easier. Not only do the state required forms, we also do a graph of the home with any problems marked and graphed. We also provide pictures to show what is being displayed on the graph. We are a highly mobile company this allows us to do almost everything on the go. This means you get your inspection quicker and reports sent back faster with Walker Pest Management.

More benefits Columbia area realtors enjoy by using Walker Pest Management.

  • 24 Hour Turn Around on Termite Letters
  • 16+ years experience in South Carolina
  • Honest & Friendly Family operated service
  • Licensed & Insured (license # available on request)
  • Low Cos – High Value, Inspection Fees
  • Certified or Licensed Inspector does inspection not a salesman


What does the state of South Carolina require us to look for when performing a CL-100 “Wood Destroying Organism Report”

Many people believe we are just looking for termite activity when conducting a CL-100 WDI / WDO inspection.

South Carolina requirements are for us to inspect and report for the following:

  • Subterranean Termites
  • Drywood Termites
  • Old House Borers
  • Powder Post Beetles
  • Other wood-destroying insects (example: carpenter bees, carpenter ants, other wood-destroying beetles)
  • Active Wood-Destroying Fungi (wood moisture content above 28% below first main floor)
  • Non-active Wood-Destroying Fungi (wood moisture content below 28% below first main floor)
  • Evidence of prior subterranean termite treatment
  • Excessive moisture conditions below first main floor (20% or higher wood moisture content, standing water, etc)

We can only report on what is visible.

Why is it important to use a certified or licensed Experienced Inspector like Walker Pest Management?

Many pest control companies hire non certified or inexperienced techs and then allow them to perform these inspections. Not so at Walker Pest Management. Someone is getting the bad end of the deal when you choose an inexperienced pest control technician to do a CL-100. If the technician misses something that should be reported then you are doing an injustice to the buyer. If they report something that doesn’t need to be reported or shouldn’t be reported then you are causing problems for the seller. When you use one of the Experienced Inspectors from Walker Pest Management you can rest assured that all parties are being taken care of and treated correctly. Remember we can only report on what is found. We are not building engineers. It is not our call to decide if something isn’t structurally important or not. We stick to the letter of the law when performing an inspection.


If you would like to schedule a CL-100 Termite Inspection in the Columbia area Contact Here or call Local (803) 865-4444.